If you’re embedding flash in a web site, use this script

Man, if I had found SWFObject a couple of weeks ago, it would’ve saved a lot of pain.

This script generates cross-browser, version checking flash embedding tags on your website. It gets around the nasty “click to activate this control” thing that comes with IE. Apparently this has something to do with a patent dispute, of all things!

It’s really simple to add the code to your page. And if a visitor fails the plugin/version check, it can display alternate content. You can see my implementation of the code on David Thomas’ Graphic Design site
I just thought I’d post about this here, so maybe someone will stumble upon it, or it will boost the site’s google ranking, or something.


One Response to If you’re embedding flash in a web site, use this script

  1. […] Using SWFObject to only show the flash movie on recent players got around this. Users with old players just see an imagemap with js rollovers. Then I discovered that more recent macs (Safari 2+ on 10.4) didn’t play the rollover animations correctly. It seemed that the browser was calling the onmouseover and onmouseout events simulaneously. Arrgh! Fixed it with some js broswer detection – something I try to avoid doing unless my back is against a wall. […]

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