Media Portal – MythTV without the headaches

My media machine is finally doing what I had hoped it would – thanks to some opensource windows software called MediaPortal. Although it is still in beta (currently version 0.2.something), both of my DVB-T cards work with it, it plays back all my music, it networks well with other machines in the house, and generally does what it’s told.

I really wanted to like/use MythTV, but after I don’t know how many hours, I still couldn’t get the thing to do what it was supposed to do. MediaPortal just installed and ran – that was it. MythTV promised so much – all opensource, completely modular, expandable over multiple machines… maybe they cursed themselved with the name.

So, I just reformatted the drive that had Linux on it. It is now one of the target drives for TV recordings. Goodbye, Myth. Hello, every episode of Doctor Who recorded in high-def!

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