Getting it together for Shanghai

I have been ripping our performance DVDs and transcoding the clips to Xvid, to use for backings for Shanghai. I now have a directory on my hard drive with 21 tracks in Xvid format, ready to go. If I use VLC to play the video back, I can point it at the directory and it will play the tracks back in numrical order, so it’s only a matter of renaming the tracks to arrange a set. Neat, hey?

I also remixed “is it true” today, lowering the synth lead. Hopefully it will clash less with Sue’s vocals during the performance.

The other Shanghai related thing I did today is transcode the “I hate being pregnant” video into a format that I can upload to YouTube. I will do that tonight, when it won’t matter if I choke our upstream bandwidth. Once it’s up, I will have a go at embedding the clip here! Cool, hey?

I am finally starting to get excited about this trip.

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