SATELLITE info, and bags packed!

I’m just finishing off work for the day, and starting to think about how I’m going to fit all my gear in my suitcase. There are so many leads!

Here is some info I just received about the project Sue and I are a part of:

Twelve Australian Artists set to exhibit at the Satellite Project, 2006 Shanghai Biennale

3 September – 23 September 2006 (Opening: 3-4 September 2006)

Set in Shanghai in September/October 2006 and timed to coincide with the Shanghai Biennale, the independent art project Satellite brings together a distinguished international team of more than 50 eminent artists and curators from China and overseas to present a groundbreaking premier exhibition. The concept continues the tradition of satellite exhibitions that organically flourish around art biennales. Such projects regularly gain as much attention as the biennales themselves. Satellite opens on the first week of September 2006, accompanying, complementing, and surrounding, geographically and conceptually, the 2006 Shanghai Biennale in three venues.

Australian artist and producer Richard Thomas, in collaboration with Gasworks Arts Park (Melbourne), has selected 12 of Australia’s most exciting and respected emerging and established artists to Shanghai to participate in this innovative cutting edge project. Satellite will attract large crowds and international art world luminaries, with tens of thousands of visitors expected to attend. This project is one of the largest and most significant representations of Australian contemporary art in China to date.

Satellite aims to foster cultural exchange and dialogue between the two countries and provide the opportunity for Australian artists to be exposed to and inspired by the metropolis of Shanghai, gateway to the world’s newest superpower, as well as opportunities for future international exchanges to occur at Gasworks Arts Park. Presenting themes of urbanization, architecture and art, and a diversity of approaches by artists from six Asia-Pacific cultures. The main visual art venue is Creative Shanghai, an art compound is developed and designed by renowned Taiwanese architect Deng Kunyan and situated along the Huangpu River.

Satellite is curated by a team of international curators with expertise in their local and regional art scenes. Conceptually divided into ‘pavilions’, the artists and theme of which are selected by its corresponding curator. Satellite also presents a seminar at the famous Glamour Bar sponsored by the bar and the Australian Consulate.

The theme of the Australian Pavilion is “Growth and Decay” and presents work by some of Australia’s most exciting emerging artists. It will include performance, video, painting, sculpture and installation. For instance, Danius Kesminas forms a local version of his band The Histrionics with Chinese musicians; Guy Benfield performs his complex and poetic work locked inside a construction shed; Brook Andrew extends his acclaimed language-based video works; local Gasworks sculptor Julie Squires presents a sculptural installation; while Natasha Johns Messenger constructs a disorienting and beautiful spatial constructions. Richard Thomas continues his dialogue of ugliness and beauty with an installation/ performance involving 20m2 of pig manure and an opera singer.

This project is sponsored by the Australia Council, the Australia-China Council, the Harold Mitchell Foundation and the Australian Consulate in Shanghai.

Visit for further details.


Lise Li (China), Su Bing (China), Karen Hung (China/Hong Kong), Richard Thomas (Australia), John di Stefano (New Zealand), Yuca Ishizuka (Japan), Toshiyo Nishitani (Japan), Cha Joo Man (Korea)


China: Chen Zhiguang, Gong Jian, Guan Huaibin, Li Jikai, Liang Yue, Liu Bolun, Liu Fei, Liu Weijian, Shi Yong, Yu Enjian, Wu Wei, Xu Tan, Zhang Enli

Australia: Guy Benfield, Sue and Phil Dodd, Allan Dorin, Danius Kesminas, Natasha Johns-Messenger, Lisa Roet, Renee So, Julie Squires, Richard Thomas, Kylie Wilkinson and Brook Andrew

New Zealand: Jonathan Brown, Kah Bee Chow, Lisa Crowley, John Di Stefano, Daniel du Bern, Regan Gentry, Lonnie Hutchinson, Lee Jensen, Simon Ingram, Simon Morris, Lisa Munnelly, Ann Shelton, Sriwhana Spong

Japan: Shisui Arai, Yuhou Furusawa, Nina Igarashi, Yuca Ishizuka, Monica Bertini

Korea: Myung Hwan Lee, Ha Suk Won, Won-gil Jeon, Cha Joo Man

Thailand: Sakarin Krue-On, Pitiwat Somthai, Araya Rasdimarmrearnsook

Tawatchai Somkong, Tawatchai Puntusawasdi

Satellite Film Festival (Venue: Shanghai Theatre Academy)
Curator: Zhang Kexin (Six
short films selected from the 2006Bangkok Film Festival)

Enlightenment Directed by Tanon Sattarujawong; A Short Journey Directed by Tanon Sattarujawong; Over The Fishing Directed by Withit Kamsrakaew; Tears Directed by Patana Chirawong; Deep Inside Directed by Tanwarin Sukhapisit; Kiss the machine Directed by Prinn Vadhanaveera

Graphic Design Exhibition (Venue: X2 Creative Park)

100 Best Plakate 05 Deutschland (Oesterreich Schweiz). Curator: He Jianping

Jurors: Prof. Klaus Hesse, Tania Prill, Karl Domenic Geissbuhler, Kurt Dornig, He Jianping


Animation works by Chinese and Korean artists. Organizer: Wu Wei

Sexy & Dangerous II, 1996

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