The Quest for an Australian EPG continues

My post below proved to be famous last words… the writer of DUGG, the Australian Electronic Program Guide grabber, announced recently that the source of his data has started using encryption. While the encryption in question is ridiculously simple, he decided he didn’t want to get involved in a coding arms race with the data provider, so he is no longer working on DUGG. I can completely understand this, but I’m very dissappointed none the less.

So where does it leave me? I could subscribe to IceTV, I guess, but I think it is overpriced at $130 for a year’s worth of program guide information. I want to give OzTivo a whirl, but for some reason my IP address is on their ban list, so I can’t register on the website. I have fired off an email, so hopefully that will be sorted soon.

Does anyone know any reliable way to get Australian EPG data?

UPDATE: I’m now up and running fine. Read this post to find out how


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